new moon in Cancer blessings

partial solar eclipse

friday the 13th vibes

Introducing the Intuitive Science Podcast, a collaboration with my soul sister and exact opposite astrologically, Rachele Pojednic.  This project has been birthed over the past six months.  Over that time, we've spent hours upon hours creating, dreaming, visioning, and manifesting an authentic expression of our two different, but similar perspectives.  The work of your soul takes time.  As someone who gets over excited about life, and pursues my passions with full heart, I pushed at the start of the project move things faster.  The words from my mentor, Ali Cramer, came into my head, "No rushing. no waiting."  A reminder from the Universe that everything arrives just when it is meant for us, IF we put our trust in the magic, and stop forcing and pushing things to "happen." 

Rach and I spent eight hours one day just discussing the overall impact we hope to create with Intuitive Science.  We discussed every possible logistic.  We recorded.  We edited.  We designed an aesthetic that fit our style and vibe.  We collabed with the incredible Chris Capozzi, on our photography and logo.  We built an entire website.  Somedays we seemed to get closer and other days I felt further away from the final product.  Each day, I trusted.  I gave myself space to drop into what this creation means for me, to fully align with my higher purpose.  I couldn't be more proud of what we have brought forth.  

Intuitive Science is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.  You can listen at the Intuitive Science website HERE.

We would love to hear your feedback and if you enjoy our banter, please subscribe and rate the show.  

sending all the love and magic in my heart.