What a powerful month since my first post.  It's amazing how quickly time moves, and yet each day can feel like a lifetime.  In 28 days, I have been in Bali, Vietnam, NYC (twice), and Boston.  I have four new tattoos, taught over 30 classes, and worked on three exciting projects.  Life is happening!  I want to share EVERYTHING about the aforementioned, but need to pause and give them a bit more time to cook and manifest.  More information to come next month, in the meantime just breathe.    

These projects have taken most of my time since I returned home from overseas, which means the post I wanted to write got pushed to the middle, and then the bottom of my to-do list.  As we are on the heels of the new moon and a major astrological shift, and in an effort to get this information to you as quickly as possible, I'm tabling the post for next month.  This is life, our best intentions are sometimes thwarted by unforeseen circumstances.  Which segues nicely into this months   

New Moon in Taurus and Uranus shift to Taurus

On Tuesday, May 15th, at 7:48 AM EST we encounter a new moon in Taurus (my rising sign).  Taurus, the sign of the bull, is all about stability and security.  But that foundation is about to be shaken up by disruptive Uranus, who moves into Taurus after a seven year journey through Aries.  Aries is a fiery, leader.  Passionate, directed, and ready to transform.  When Uranus makes its transition, expect sudden changes and big time awakenings.  Uranus has been chilling in Aries since 2011.  Think of how much your life has shifted drastically since that time.  In my personal life, I was making monumental decisions around this time.  I had what I refer to as one of my "past life awakenings" and left an unfulfilling relationship in May 2010.  Since then, I have been called to step out of what was comfortable and away from what others expected of me to align with my purpose.  I moved first to Minneapolis, then to Boston.  I quit my corporate job (twice).  I traveled all over the world, seeking more and more information.  I was broken down and reborn, many times. 

I encourage you as a pre-cursor to your new moon wishing this month to take a journey through your past 7 years and journal about the significant changes that have occurred.  Where have you been asked to step forward or step out of what was comfortable?  How did you answer this call?   

So what does this all mean for the new moon....I'm excited to find out!  Now is the time to make big, brilliant wishes.  Taurus rules self-, health, financial stability, and sensual pleasures.   And with Uranus spurring innovation, how do we stay rooted within ourselves while also surrendering to the shifts and changes?  "I surrender.  I trust.  I believe."  

As I pondered this months powerful energy and my offering to you, the following kept entering my consciousness and I feel called to share.  You could try this meditation to inspire your new moon wishing or anytime you feel anxiety around an upcoming life change.  Find your way and trust the process.  

1.  Find a comfortable seat somewhere peaceful or meaningful to you.  I encourage you to go out into nature and evoke the power of Mother Earth and entice all of your senses.

2.  Center, ground, breathe.  Start your meditation with whatever method works for you to find a sense of balance, and objectivity.  Open your mind to receive what will move through you.

3.  As you breathe, start to move the inhalation from the Earth, up towards the crown of your head and to the sky.  As you exhale, move the energy from the sky back down our spine towards the Earth.

4.  When you are ready, visualize a tree growing inside of you.  Visualize the roots moving from legs, feet, tailbone into the Earth.  Notice the quality of the roots.  How deep do they go?  Are they nourished?  What words do you associate with YOUR ROOTS?  What words do you feel describe your sense of stability and security?  

5.  Start to notice the trunk of the tree as your torso and upper body. How has the trunk of the tree weathered the changes in nature?  Do you move easily with the wind or do you feel threatened by changes?  Can you surrender to the movement around you?  What words do you associate with your FOUNDATION?  

6.  Bring awareness to your branches, leaves, and the expansion of your internal tree towards the sky.  What goals, dreams, visions do you have that have not yet sprouted, but are budding and waiting to be nourished into new life?  What conditions do you need to thrive?  Are the current internal/external conditions conducive to that abundance? What words do you associate with your GROWTH?    

7.  Sit with your tree for awhile and observe without judgement.  When you are ready, slowing bring yourself out of meditation and journal your experience.  Let your vision inspire your new moon wishes.  

 Sending love and all things magical.

xo, CFM