The start of 2018 has been revolutionary within my heart.  I have felt the deepest pain and the lightest joy that accompanies healing and powerful transformation.  I spent three weeks traveling through India, finishing another chapter in my journey as a yoga instructor, and diving into lifetimes of my existence.  There is something about Ma Ganga that is indescribable.  The first morning we sat alongside her for meditation, I felt her water running through my veins and immediately, I began to cry.  The following seven days held space for many of the same serendipitous moments.  The ones that can hardly be expressed through words, but only felt through direct experience.  "All water is Ganga," the Indian people say, and I feel that reverence within my heart.

After what was barely enough time to ground in Boston, I re-packed my bag for the next trip.  Destination, BALI and the second Wave of Love Retreat with my soul sister, Kathleen.  We had a few days of landing, planning, and dreaming before our participants arrived.  Wave of Love ran from April 2 - 8th at Desa Seni retreat center in Canggu.  It was our first visit to the eco village and we were blown away!  Kathleen and I encouraged our participants on the first night to show up exactly as they are, in that moment.  The raw vulnerability that was shown throughout our time together was breathtaking.  I know that my life was impacted by each of the participants, as much as we impacted them.  I have no words for the love and gratitude I feel within my soul for the opportunity to share my passion around the world.  Like India, Bali holds an intense magic that can only be felt.  We were so inspired by the location, the people, and the vibes we rebooked for 2019!  Visit my retreat page for more information and get ready to say YES to life.

Reflection.  Realignment.  Radiance.  What once may have been lost, or silenced within me has been reawakened.  It hasn't come easily, but through dedication to brutal honesty, witnessing, and consistent self study / ritual.  Every day I feel more connected to my dharma and I trust wholeheartedly that I am offering my best effort to each intention and moment. 

Which brings me to this newsletter (the first of many) and my invitation to you.  As I began to brainstorm about the creation of a newletter/blog, I struggled with how to create something special.  How could I share not just a list of events, but wisdom and knowledge?  How do I align with what's important to me as a soul on this Earth?  How could I create an interactive experience for my friends all over the world?  How could I promote connection through a social media platform, which can often increase disconnection with reality?  My present moment clarity has developed through the work I've been doing in my own life.  The healing I've been working through each and every day.  I want to share my rituals, and to encourage your participation!  My intention is to send my newsletter around the new moon each month with information specific to each astrological sign, etc., and I'll include magical tips for manifestation.  With everything in life, change is inevitable.  I know that this dream will shape shift until I find what truly "works" for me in the moment.  I encourage you to be unattached, but to follow along with curiosity in your heart.

New Moon in Aries  

On Sunday, April 15th, at 9:57 PM EST we encounter a new moon in Aries.  The new moon is the sign of new beginning and Mother Moon encourages you to plant seeds in your life that will be nourished to fruition and fulfillment at the full moon in Aries later this year (approximately six months).    Aries is a sign of passion, direction, movement, the masculine side of our psyche, and it is pure fire baby!  This new moon asks us to step outside of what is comfortable into the fires of transformation.  Like a phoenix rising from the flames, you will be reborn.  But we all know that fire can burn.  The first step into a rebirth is the willingness to leave behind what holds us back from our potential.  It may be some old fashioned honesty with yourself about what is and isn't working in your current situations.  At the same time, Mercury, who has retrograde for the past three-ish weeks goes direct.  We look to the past to gain a deeper understanding and to facilitate smooth sailing into the future, and this is what Mercury retrograde can support.  Now is the time to release fear, and move past your imagined internal / external boundaries.  Dream a big, beautiful, unending dream my love.  Surrender the old to transform and blossom into the new. 

"Stop playing small you are the Universe in ecstatic motion."

New Moon Manifestation Meditation:

Wait until after the new moon occurs (9:57 PM EST) to begin your ritual.  The most powerful energy occurs up to eight hours directly following the darkest point of the moon.  Remember wishes, intentions, and dreams can be made anywhere, anytime...but to work with the power of the moon they should be completed within 48 hours.  If this is your first new moon ritual, embrace the excitement of beginning fresh.  Take what works for you and leave the rest.  If you are a seasoned moon child, then embrace the bold energy of Aries and find a way to step outside of what is comfortable 

1.  Create a comfortable space and allow yourself plenty of time.  I usually sit in front of my alter at home, but often am traveling overseas.  If I am in an unfamiliar location, I choose something that feels like home.  You could also try sitting outside underneath a large tree.  Smudge the area of any negative energy and have everything you need within close proximity.  I recommend pen, paper, any crystals, alter items.  

2.  Take a comfortable seat, turn off all electronic devises, and minimize distractions (ideal world right? just do the best that you can).  If you work with any guides, gods/goddesses, archetypes, or angels, take a moment to call them into the space for grace and guidance. 

3.  Start first by connecting to your breath.  Feel the sensations around you.  Notice the current state of your body and mind at the moment.  To move forward successfully, we must first acknowledge where we are.  As you drop into your breath, connect to the fiery aspects of Aries.  Where in your life are you stoking too much fire?  Where are you not bringing enough fire?  What is currently working in our life, and where do you wish to change. 

4.  After a period of time (use your intuition, you will know when you are ready to profess your desires), start to write.  Create your wishes in present/past tense verbiage to accentuate the belief in yourself and the power within you to accomplish your dreams.  (example:  I am disciplined in my self study and enrolled in an intuition development course).  

5.  Create no more than 10 wishes total.  You may create only create one wish if it is the calling of your heart. 

6.  Once you have finished with your wishes, say them out loud and pause after each to feel how the statement resonates within your body and visualize it happening in your life.  Do you feel excitement, love?  Does the wish not feel authentic to you at this moment?  Are you wishing for something that someone else wants for you but it is not your heart's desire?  If something doesn't feel right, adjust it or take it out completely.  

7.  Once you feel complete with your wishes, sit in meditation to complete the ritual.  Thank the Universe for its guidance and release any attachment to the wishes.  Thank your guides for their assistance and seal the ritual in whatever what feels authentic to you.  Depending on my mood, some months I will chant mantra, sing, or simply stay in silence.  I cannot tell you what is best for you, but only help guide your path from my experience of life.

8.  Place your wishes in a special place where you will see them everyday.  I keep mine on my alter or in my journal if I am traveling.  As often as you can throughout the month, say them out loud and visualize the result.  

What are you wishing for this month?  Tag your rituals, wishes, etc on social media with #reflectrealignradiate 

Sending love and all things magical.