I purchased my first deck in 2017.

At the time, I was in a significant season of healing in my life.  I was introduced to the practice from my dear friend @kathleenyyogini and it took fire in my soul.  I whispered the invitation into the Universe to own my own deck.  One rainy April morning, I walked into Olives and Grace in my South End Neighborhood.  My eyes immediate found the holographic glory that is The Fountain Tarot.  I picked up one of the silver foil outlines and began shuffling.  "Should I take you home?" I placed the question in my heart.  The Lovers card.  I walked straight to Sofi (owner and badass female) who was standing behind the counter.  "Did you find everything okay?" she asked in that nurturing, special way about her.  YES times a million, and so much more.

Tarot has been a constant in my life.  A ritual for me to hold healing space for my soul.  I began studying the cards, listening to podcasts (Tarot for the Wild Soul) and completed Lindsay's course.  I pulled cards for myself whenever my head or my heart needed a gentle reminder, and read for my friends whenever they needed guidance.  I purchased five more decks.  I opened myself up to receive the messages and directions from my intuition, and it is time to make manifest this piece of my heart.  I am now offering 1:1 sessions in person or virtually.  Email me to schedule a time or find out more information.

Tarot is not fortune telling.  I cannot and will not tell you when you will find a partner, when you will get that "thing" you have wished so deeply for, when you'll have a child, where you should travel, what you should eat for lunch (you get the point), etc.  I cannot tell you because this life is YOUR choice to act upon YOUR free will at any moment.  Please do not give up your power in that way.  I am only speaking from experience, and to give away your power, is to giveaway your very life. My goal, to empower YOU to be confident, and courageous in your choices. What I can do, hold space for you and shift your perspective; offer guidance and insight into where in your life you may be stuck and discuss what might support you in unpacking what is necessary.

Join me Tuesday, October 23rd back where it all began, at Olives and Grace. Tarot 101 is a brief introduction to the cards and the magic they behold. Discussion from 6 - 7 PM and mini sessions to follow (10 min for $10) on a first come, first served basis. Event information HERE.