“Elevate. Each day, live to elevate yourself, each day elevate one person. Make elevation your religion and you shall reach infinity.” – Harbhajan Singh Yogi

We have the ability to create a unique experience for students by not only sequencing the physical poses, but also sequencing pranayama, mudras, mantras, myths, music and astrology into each class. These additional pieces each carry their own energetic qualities, and stories that have inspired them. Yoga is about so much more than the physical poses, there is a special way to begin to incorporate the vastness of the practice and create an experience that travels deeper into the body, mind and soul. In this workshop we will review a unique way of sequencing the physical asanas along with how to intentionally incorporate the many other aspects of yoga, from the things you say to how you cue and the music that is played each thing that happens within the confines of a class is well planned to create an experience vs. a class.

In this workshop you will learn 

•How to find inspiration to offer fresh, unique classes. 

•Pranayama Techniques and their intended effects on the mind and body

•Mantras, Mudras, Myths and astrology that can be easily woven into any style of yoga class to enhance the understanding of yoga.

•how to intentionally choose and sequence music so that it assists you and the student in the experience of the class. 

Come learn how to elevate the experience you can create for your students while at the same time allowing your your love for the practice to deepen.

Cost: $300

Led by: Catie Macken, Jess Ray, and Erica Bornstein