Catie Macken is a fitness professional, mindfulness and wellness expert, travel junkie, health-a-holic, and lover of life based in the Boston area.  She has traveled all over the world training, teaching, leading retreats and sharing the practices of Yoga, AcroYoga, and mindfulness.  In Boston, you can also find her rocking classes at Flywheel sports, Everybody Fights, YogaWorks and giving keynote speeches on mindfulness and compassionate leadership in corporate settings.  What started as a physical connection to exercise and yoga, has transformed into a mental, emotional, and spiritual journey.  Her goal is to impact the world by spreading her knowledge.  Catie is honored to be named the 2018 Boston's Best Fitness Guru by the Improper Bostonian.    


Since a young age, Catie has been a lover of all forms of movement.  A dancer from childhood,  she found running post college, and ran her first marathon in 2012 and has since completed four marathons and one ultra.  To supplement training, she found indoor cycling in 2011 and began teaching in 2013.  When an injury brought her to yoga in 2010, she could not anticipate the impact this practice would have on her life.  


Catie completed her 200 Hour yoga training in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2012.  Upon completion of the program, she began teaching part time in the Twin Cities area.  During the next year, her dharma began to unfold.  She moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 2013 to pursue a full-time career in fitness.  In four short years, she has established herself within the community teaching at various well-known studios in the area.  Her classes are infused with playfulness, gratitude, devotion, and laughter.  Her raw authenticity and vibrant personality instantly connects her with her students and peers.  She completed her 500 Hour training with Laughing Lotus NYC in February 2018.        


Forever a student, she seeks out new mentors and pulls inspiration from her own personal practice.  Catie spent much of 2016 immersing herself in the AcroYoga community.  She loves the practice for building open and honest communication, trust, and strong communities.  She has studied with and under some of the best teachers in the Acro community, and completed her Level I teacher training in Germany (August 2016) and Level II in Greece (September 2017).

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